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A registered agent, or resident agent, is required if you are forming a corporation or LLC.

We are in all 50 states. No need to go find another registered agent in different states. We can handle it all for you no matter where your company is located.

When a company files its articles of incorporation they have to list a registered agent to receive legal documents on their behalf. Often a corporation or LLC will designate a registered agent company, such as Registered Agent Services, as the registered agent. However, anyone can be the registered agent—it doesn’t have to be someone affiliated with the corporation.

Some companies chose to hire an unaffiliated third-party as their registered agent, which is especially attractive for corporations that are trying to keep their details from prying eyes, and not list your actual place of business on the public documents as long as that individual is available during normal business hours at the address specified on the articles or certificate of authority.

When choosing a Registered Agent take a close look at how the different companies charge their customers. It is common practice to charge for Service or Process and any other communication the company does with their client. Some don’t charge extra for these services, nor do they have any hidden fees.

Another thing to check into is what kind of service does the company provide? Some companies excel in their customer service and pride themselves on customer satisfaction. Not only do they scan in documents and upload them immediately to your online account, they provide you with all the documentation you would ever need, pre-signed and awaiting in your online account the moment you signup.

Lastly, the company should be familiar with how your state does business. And we are. That’s why we’re such a good choice. We work in all 50 states, so we have intimate knowledge of how the system runs in each state.

Some companies do all of that without tacking on extras and charging you for things you don’t need or want—we let you choose the services you want.

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On top of our registered agent services, we offer company formation, additional filings, and all the tools you need to get your business online, including website, domain name, email, and phone services.

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