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Let me tell you about registered agent service in Kentucky.

A lot of businesses are on the Internet furnishing commercial registered agent services. From the largest of the disinterested and overpriced to the smallest, unseasoned local start-ups, you have a wide range of options when it comes to appointing your Kentucky resident agent. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. Our goal is to help you choose the registered agent that is just right for your Kentucky business.

Briefly, who can perform the duties of a registered agent?

Your Kentucky statutory agent needs to be a company or person who is a legal resident of Kentucky. A registered agent ought to be on hand to accept service of process during regular business hours. Registered agents in Kentucky must provide a legal, physical address within Kentucky.

How does having a resident agent benefit my company?

First and foremost, appointing a registered agent keeps your business in adherence of state law. Also, we accept delivery of and scan any legal notice, service of process, annual report, or letter received into your online account locally in Kentucky. You receive instantaneous notification of any paperwork scanned into your Kentucky registered agent client account.

As an added Kentucky registered agent service, we also monitor your State annual report due date and send you reminders with do-it-yourself links to submit your report on time with Kentucky.

What qualities should I be looking for in a registered agent?

Solid Background: You want to appoint a registered agent who knows what they’re doing, who’s been performing the duties of a registered agent for several years and has a good track record.

Dependability: You need to be able to depend on your registered agent. You need to know that they will fulfill their responsibilities and be accessible during normal business hours to receive service of process and other legal paperwork.

Character: Your registered agent must have a reputation for forwarding service of process and legal documents in a timely and reliable manner. If they accept legal documents for you and don’t deliver them to you, you could end up with a ruling against you in court and not even be aware that your business is party to a lawsuit.

Customer Relations: Just imagine you need to clarify or have a question about some aspect of your business as it relates to the State of Kentucky. You don’t want to talk to a person reading off a script in a call center in some foreign country, you want to talk to a consumer service rep who actually knows a thing or two about commercial registered agent service.

Optional Services: In addition to basic registered agent service (by receiving your legal papers), check to see if your registered agent offers more services like: Customized paperwork for your state filings, email reminders for important filing dates and deadlines, tools that will keep your business in good standing with the state.