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Let’s talk a little bit about registered agent service in South Carolina.

Why are there registered agents in the first place?

Back in the good old days, you just herded sheep and paid your taxes to the lord of the land. Gradually, economies changed, new company structures like corporations and limited liability companies emerged. These various business entities were created to protect business owners from liabilities and provide tax advantages. Companies are given status that is independent from the individuals who put them together. Unfortunately, it didn’t take very much time for people to figure out that they could stay away from legal actions by personally steering clear of process servers. So, to get rid of that loophole, most Secretaries of State insist that business owners to designate a “registered agent.”

Are there any restrictions or requirements I should know about my resident agent?

There are not many restrictions concerning who can act as your registered agent here. Specifically, the person or entity acting as your registered agent needs to be available and located at a physical street address within South Carolina during typical business hours. They will be responsible to receive all tax-related and legal documents, annual report forms, litigation (service of process) documents, etc., for you. It is crucial that you select a reputable company, like [site name] when you’re choosing your registered agent.

How does having a registered agent benefit my business?

First and foremost, appointing a registered agent keeps your company in conformity to South Carolina state law. Moreover, we receive and scan any legal notice, service of process, annual report, or letter received into your customer account locally here in South Carolina. You receive instantaneous notification of any paperwork scanned into your South Carolina registered agent customer account.

As an added service, we also monitor your State annual report due date and send you prompts with do-it-yourself links to submit your paperwork before your due date with the State.

What’s the best way to appoint my registered agent?

Typically you would assign your resident agent as part of your company formation documents; your articles of incorporation or articles of organization. If you’re just forming your company, we can assist you with that. If you already have a resident agent but you’re shopping around for a better fit, we can lend a hand with that too. Of course, whether you’re just getting started or are ready to make a change, the simplest method is to sign up for our registered agent service.